Must-Visit Beaches When in Rethymno

If you are seeking for an unforgettable experience, here are some beaches you should definitely consider visiting…

Rethymno is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Crete, known for its romantic Old Town and its long palm-tree walkway by the sea with views of glorious sunsets. Undoubtedly Rethymno has plenty to discover, from cultural sites and villages of historic value to some of the most magnificent beaches in the world.

We, at Muses Travel, recognize that travel is both for exploration and for complete relaxation and that is why we have carefully curated the following list of ‘Must-Visit Beaches’ for people of all preferences.

Rethymno’s stunning sandy beaches spanning across its long coast can be reached on foot from the centre in just a few minutes. There you will find many organized spots with sunbeds and parasols. However, if you are willing to travel a bit farther for your swim, there are several other beaches located outside the city of Rethymno that are absolutely worth a visit during your stay.

  • Bali: Bali is a picturesque village that boasts several beaches, with Karavostasi Beach being the most popular. Most of the beaches here are natural coves and are protected from wind, making it an ideal destination on the days you wish to avoid wind and waves. Bali can be a great choice for families, since its shallow waters offer a safe and fun environment for children.
  • Spilies Beach: Here, you will enjoy the light blue sea while resting under the natural shadow of the beaches’ stunning rocks or opt for a sunbed in the organized area, which includes a small canteen for snacks and drinks.
  • Episkopi: This is a long sandy beach, close to the village of Episkopi, with a vast view of the island’s north coast. The beach offers plenty of space for sunbathing and is ideal for families with children.
  • Georgioupoli: Georgioupoli is another scenic village located on the north coast of Rethymno, with many traditional shops and souvenir stores. Georgioupoli beach is the main attraction. The beach is sandy and offers plenty of opportunities for water sports.

For a memorable trip to the beach, South Rethymno offers many options and is undoubtedly the local’s favourite choice. Here are some magnificent beaches in South Rethymno:

Preveli beach & Palm forest
  • Preveli Palm Beach, is surely a must-visit. Perhaps, you have already heard of it or seen pictures online that look unreal. There are a couple of different routes to get to Preveli beach. You can either hike or walk down the many stairs of Preveli while basking at the beautiful view from up above.  Here, you can enjoy your swim and then explore the wild Palm forest and river on foot or even by canoe, on the occasion that it is available. There is also a canteen for snacks and drinks. Provided an adventurous spirit to arrive there, Preveli Palm Beach is ideal for everyone.
  • Kalypso Beach: Another unique and very popular beach is ‘Kalypso’. Kalypso Beach is a narrow cove with crystal clear waters, located in South Rethymno. It is a private organized beach where you can also scuba dive.
  • Schoinaria Beach: Schoinaria Beachis one of the locals’ favourites for its clear waters and serene atmosphere. With a view of the mountain peaks and rocks, it is astonishing during sunset. There is plenty of space to sunbathe on the sand or lay on the sunbeds in the organized area.
  • Ammoudi/ Ammoudaki: Close to Schoinaria Beach you can find two wonderful beaches that locals also prefer, Ammoudi and Ammoudaki (Little Ammoudi). A bigger and a smaller cove respectively with light blue waters, in walking distance from one another.
  • Damnoni Beach: Damnoni Beach is one of the four adjacent beaches in South Rethymno, including Ammoudi & Ammoudaki. It is the largest of the four and along its coast you may find many taverns & restaurants, making it a good choice for families who want to spend the whole day at the beach.
  • Plakias Beach: Plakias Beach is a long beach, located below the crag Paligremnos, which offers a stunning backdrop. You will find organized spots and beach bars to relax in and you will be able to take a refreshing walk to observe the nature.
  • Souda Beach: Close to Plakias, Souda Beach is another great option with both free and organized space. Souda Beach is the perfect option in the South on windy days.  

    Some of South Rethymno’s hidden treasures we would not forget to mention are Ammolofoi Beach, Triopetra Beach and Ligkres Beach. A bit further away from the aforementioned, these beaches offer a peaceful setting for those who wish to experience the wild nature and beauty of South Crete.

Elafonisi, beach shot in winter

For those who wish to take a trip to other areas of the island, below you may find some of the most popular and unique beaches of Crete, located in Chania:

  • Seitan Limani: This beach is located on the eastern side of the Akrotiri peninsula and is known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery. Best avoid it during high season weekends, as it can get very crowded.
  • Balos Beach: Balos Beach is an idyllic beach with people travelling from around the world to experience its pink sand and turquoise waters. Definitely a must-visit destination when you are in Crete.

  • Elafonisi: Another top destination located on the southwest coast of the island. It is known for its pink sand and its phenomenal crystal-clear waters.
  • Loutro: ‘Loutro’ a beautiful beach near Sfakia in South Chania is also known for its crystal-clear waters. To get there, you will need to take the ferry, which costs about 7€ per route.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for some outdoor water activities, you can visit Lake Kournas, the biggest natural lake in Crete, and the Argiroupolis natural springs both of which are astonishing.

Wishing you an unforgettable vacation in Rethymno and a lovely stay at our villa,

Muses Travel Team