My Dear Foodies, Crete Is Your Heaven!

If you are ready to dive into the Cretan world of food, make sure to visit some of our favourite restaurants in Rethymno listed here…

‘Poliou House’, Asteri Village

One of the many things that make Crete stand out not only amongst the Greeks but also in a worldwide scale, is its innately traditional and at the same time uniquely innovative identity. Just take a look at Cretan cuisine and you will immediately know what we are talking about. With natural ingredients that exude the islands’ rich flavors and aromas, Cretan cuisine has established a top place in people’s bucket lists when it comes to food.

Cretan dishes, from the fresh ‘dakos’ salad with paximadi, feta and tomato, to the masterfully cooked lamb ‘tsigariasto’, originate in the old Cretan household and remain prevalent in today’s taverns and high-quality restaurants. In only a few days in Crete you will be able to taste the same dish cooked in a variety of ways with the experience and heart of Cretan cooks – from the Cretan lady who owns a tavern nearby to the esteemed chef that specializes in Cretan cuisine.

If you are ready to dive into the Cretan world of food, make sure to visit some of our favourite restaurants in Rethymno listed below:

‘Prima Plora’, Rethymno

Two of our favourite restaurants with a sea view in Rethymno town, which both locals and visitors go for, are Prima Plora and Achinos at the old harbour. In both restaurants the cuisine is exceptional, especially when it comes to seafood.

Walking in the lanes of Rethymno’s old town you will also come across the small restaurants of the popular street ‘Emmanouil Vernardou’. We call these ‘rakadika’ since they are the perfect choice when a group of friends wants to drink some raki accompanied by traditional ‘meze’ (small dishes) and have the best time. Here, we suggest Asikiko restaurant with an elegant atmosphere and a great menu. Close to Asikiko in Ethnikis Antistaseos street you will also find the beautiful restaurant Lemonokipos, that sits in a garden of lemon trees. Avli restaurant is another hidden garden right in the center of the old town, which offers delicious food in a cozy and unique environment.

‘Ammolofoi Beach’, South Crete

In the rural areas of North Rethmyno there are also plenty of great choices when it comes to good food and stunning views.

Towards west, in Gerani village, we recommend for your dinner Starras comfort food; an excellent restaurant combining traditional Cretan style with a modern rustic aesthetic, both in terms of design and menu. In Episkopi village, there is Arkoudaina Garden which uses fresh ingredients directly from the owner’s beautiful garden where you will be seated for your meal and in Argiroupolis Springs and Kournas Lake there is a variety of really nice taverns both for meat and seafood lovers.

Towards east, Poliou House in Asteri village, is a wonderful traditional restaurant with local dishes and a folk museum showcasing inhabitants of past times with free entrance. Additionally, for an amazing view of the island from up high, you will find the remote taverns Thavma and Fantastico in the area of Maroulas. Before you take the road back home, do not forget to visit the historical village of Maroulas for a relaxing stroll between the Turkish-venetian well maintained mansions. Moreover, Carob and Olive in Melidoni village is a great choice for some really tasty traditional food, especially when combined with a visit to the spectacular cave of Melidoni.

‘Agia Fotia’,South Crete

Last but not least, if you are in the south part of the island a must-visit is Mariou tavern located up in a hill with stunning views and very good traditional food. This is our favourite place to wind down in for a delicious dinner after a day at the beach in the south. Also in the south, Agia Fotia taverna is right in front of the beach and serves excellent seafood.

‘Mariou Tavern’, South Crete