Chef on demand

chef on demand

Our team of exceptional chefs, comes to your villa with everything that is needed to prepare a dinner or lunch for you and your family or guests so you will not move a finger!

Driven from their love and passion for cooking and especially Cretan cuisine, they have created a variety of menus in order to provide an authentic experience.

All ingredients are local and bio in order to secure maximum results, while your meal can be perfectly combined with the perfect local wine recommended by the chef.

You should know that the chef will be in your villa approximately 1-3 hours before your meal (depending on the menus you choose to have), will serve you and then will clean everything up so you don’t have to mess with the cleaning.

Open to suggestions and can make alterations based on allergies or preferences.

Vegan- Vegetarian and kids menus are also available.

Shopping of all ingredients is included in the price, and no extra costs will apply.

A very highly recommended service that hundreds of guests have chosen in the past and all were more than satisfied!

Type of experience: Private at your villa


55  / Once / Per Accommodation